The North End Community Coalition was birthed from a collaborative effort from the Metro Division of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. In 2010, Captain Bruce Bellamy, invited the neighborhood leaders of response Area 1 to gather to share common concerns in their respective neighborhoods. During these bi-monthly meetings, the leaders shared ideas and practices, which worked to help deter crime and disorder with the neighborhoods. CMPD worked with the neighborhoods to build a trust and comradery with not only the leaders but also the residents of the respective neighborhoods. The CMPD along with other stakeholders in the community supported the leaders and a yearly festival was held to increase community capacity and relationships and allow the CMPD to interact with residents in a positive environment. As a result, the neighborhoods held a festival for 5 consecutive years which became bigger and more involved than each previous year. During the meetings with CMPD and other stakeholders, we often discussed establishing a formal neighborhood coalition. Finally, in the late 2015, the neighborhood leaders began the process to formalize the coalition. The result is the North End Community Coalition (NECC). The purpose of our coalition is to provide a unified voice for the eight neighborhoods within the North End.

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