Preserve, Protect and Persevere
our North End Corridor communities

Welcome to North End Community Coalition

The North End Community Coalition is a collaborative partnership of eight neighborhoods just north of Uptown Charlotte. The neighborhoods provide a diverse mix of housing, businesses and faith based institutions and even a urban house stable. We are just a short distance to uptown and from each of our neighborhoods; the beautiful Uptown skyline is visible. We are easily accessible to the major highways yet off the beaten path. Come explore our neighborhoods.


The North End Community Coalition was birthed from a collaborative effort from the Metro Division of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. In 2010, Captain Bruce Bellamy, invited the neighborhood leaders of area 1

Upcoming events

Voter Awareness Seminar
02/11/2020 @ 6:30pm
Updates about The North End
Walls Memorial AME

Community Wide Meeting
02/18/2020 @ 6:30pm
Updates about The North End
Camp North End Community Room

Quotes from residents

“The North End is the Best End!”


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